Where we link to the early years curriculum.

Educational Links. Stretch-n-Grow offers a specially designed holistic health and fitness programme for pre-school and primary school children. Stretch-n-Grow links into the EYFS, (Early Years Foundation Stage) Curriculum For Excellence in Scotland and Key Stage 1 in Primary Schools.

We teach weekly classes of various durations, from 20 minutes with our wriggler programme, followed  by wobbler and pre school  Some of our classes in after school clubs/holiday clubs or primary schools maybe up to 1 hour long. These classes are taught by our part-time instructors in pre-schools, nurseries, crèches and primary schools located in a designated area. A three-year rolled out curriculum, endorsed and regularly reviewed by fitness and child development experts.

  • Monthly EYFS newsletters are sent to all our settings.
  • Handouts for all children attending Stretch-n-Grow classes. *

*To receive the handouts directly the parents are requested to sign up to the newsletter.