You may be expecting a forced visit to A&E doing these, but they could work wonders for the kids.

They are the kind of sports that kids have been traditionally told off for trying. But a new fitness initiative is encouraging Scots children to try out urban sports like skateboarding and parkour in a bid to get young people active and fight obesity .A community scheme in north Glasgow, pioneered by Scottish Canals, Glasgow City Council and sporting charity SportInspired is trialing a new 18 month pilot programme to get more than a thousand and primary school children trying out the urban sports in their local community – working towards staging a World Urban Youth Games in the city in 2021.

If successful, that trial will be expanded into a five year programme of skateboarding, parkour , basketball, street dance and rolled out across the country.

The schools and parents involved in the trial have given it their full backing, and hope that kids who are less interested in mainstream sports or who don’t have any nearby facilities, can enjoy finding a new active hobby. More