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Hello Stretch and Growers…….!!!
My name is Rachel Edwards, mum to my 7 year old son Isaac.
After living an eventful, colourful, fast tracked, full of fun life, living in different parts of the world from America (Seattle), to Cornwall, I am now back in the North West.
 I also worked as a Pre-school assistant at RAF St Mawgan. I worked here for over 4 years and loved my job, and seeing the children grow up, becoming little personalities and moving onto primary school. I finally left  for my own maternity leave.

Now I have put all my exercise fitness and experiences, and my childcare fun times and experiences together, to create my perfect job. This is Stretch-n-Grow!
I get to have fun with my stars, and teach them the benefits of exercise and healthy eating in an Exerciting fun way. My own son Isaac is my SNG biggest fan, and has me up and about showing him new routines on a weekly basis. SNG has taught me so much more than I could of imagined, from Basic stretches to naming of muscles/bone structure etc, in a fun and exciting way, which then passes onto the children that I teach.
  I would recommend Stretch-n-Grow to everyone, its ENERGISING, EXCERCITING and ELEVATING.
See you soon,
Rachel Edwards SNG Manchester (south-east)


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