87.5% of nurseries surveyed understand that exercise and movement is important for children and know that Stretch-n-Grow deliver this is a safe and structured manner. This was an example of their main reason for having Stretch-n-Grow classes.

Stretch-n-Grow Cheshire was stared in 2002 with ‘Summer Camps’ in Wilmslow, in the months of July and August The aim was to roll out the programme across south Manchester nurseries in the September. As well as preparing for the national launch of the programme, we were testing our materials, honing our teaching and assessing all our requirements.Strong demand accelerated growth and by the September we not only had a full agenda. But we had a trained workforce out delivering classes.We are always looking at ways we can deliver better or communicate our message better. With numerous upgrades and revamps of materials over the past fourteen years. We want to make sure that we always deliver the best. We have received accolades for our training and for 2015 we introduced Paediatric First Aid and Safeguarding programmes as part of our provision.With regular quarterly coach camps, you can rest assured that our workforce is not only well trained but well supported with good materials and a wealth of knowledge. We love to hear from parents and still after 14 years we are hearing that the highlight of the week is still the stretch-n-Grow class.

97.9% of nurseries surveyed believe that children who attend our classes develop a basic awareness of their bodies.

"The Highlight of the Week"

“The Highlight of the Week”

We make exercise fun, delivering weekly sessions in nurseries and schools across Cheshire. Children enrolled will take part in one 20,30,34 or 60 minute session per week. Each session consists of warm-up, stretching, floor exercises and low aerobic activity. All designed with children in mind 

We love to do Birthday Parties for our little Stretch-n-Grow stars take a look at our party page. We are in some of the best nurseries in Cheshire but If you would like more information on our programme Contact us   Terms and conditions


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