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The Stretch-n-Grow  Exercise Programme is all about establishing positive habits at an early stage. So we start with children from as young as 12 months. We teach them fundamental exercise and assist in their physical development.The building blocks of a Stretch-n-Grow class are fundamental motor skills linked with the components of fitness. A warm up routine followed by an aerobic section with an exercise in balance and coordination followed by a cool down represents a typical lesson.

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Participation is excellent in  our classes as Stretch-n-Grow appeals to both boys and girls. Our classes  help children to improve their fitness levels so that they are better prepared for all their future activities such as dance or gymnastics, and sports. Read our Movement Matters Survey

Our link to the EYFS and the way the programme is planned and delivered makes the programme extremely attractive to early years settings,educational establishments such as nurseries and schools. We are the specialists in childrens exercise with over 20 years experience and a world wide programme established in over fifteen different countries.There is no direct ‘look alike’ competitor.
We offer themed lessons taught weekly by a fully trained qualified instructor following a structured lesson plan. The themes for our lessons vary,but every month a new lesson is delivered, so the children are never bored!

Classes are non stop fun with action from the minute we start.No waiting in line or waiting for your turn, here !

Why not book a free class and see how your children respond?”Endorsed by experts & 100% Fun Tick

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