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Our Brain

Movement assisting brain developmen

Child Development research says that if children don’t master basic fundamental skills by age of 5 they may NEVER realise their potential to perform them.Children need practice and instruction in a structured environment.Children increase their heart rates in Cardio/Strength intervals appropriate to their age.We improve their level of fitness as well as increasing their knowledge of health and fitness.

“Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it” 

Movement is often defined as a child’s first language.  It is through movement that a child first starts to explore the world and gain control of their body and it is the beginning of becoming an independent being.

Developing children's muscles

Physical Development and Cognitive Development.


Many parents are not aware of the direct link between physical development and cognitive development.


The school system in the U.K expects our four year olds to be able to sit still,remain focused on a task,hold and manipulate a writing instrument and follow print on a page when they start school. These are all physical abilities which are connected to developed and mature motor skills & posture control. We aim to assist children through fun sessions to master these skills in order to feel confident to achieve at school.

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