For most of my career I worked within Facilities/Contract Management. Like many people from leaving school and college I never really knew which direction to take, however deep down I think I always knew I would thrive in a job where I felt I was making a difference to others. Before, I knew it I fell into the facilities industry and carried on pursuing that route for many years.


‘Wriggler’ classes for children from 18months have been really popular in York.

Over the years I had an urge to pursue a different life for myself but could never quite pluck up the courage to leave a full-time job to fulfil this dream, nor could I work out what it was that I could do. When my husband and I started to plan for a family,

I saw it as an opportunity to fulfil that reoccurring niggle of yearning for a better work-life balance, being more in charge of my own destiny, choosing how I work and when, and fulfilling that job satisfaction I craved for which would allow me to make a difference to someone or something.

A Stretch-n-Grow Class

A warm welcome to all our classes!

We had thought about taking a career break and becoming a mature student to retrain. However, with the desire to start a family and also from a financial aspect this just wasn’t viable. I didn’t feel I had any obvious talents; however I have always liked children from being young and felt I had a lot to offer in the early year’s sector.

Then one day I discovered my nephew Ben had been receiving Stretch-n-Grow classes at his nursery in Sale and my sister told me how fantastic it was and how he knew all about his body and muscles and so Stretch-n-Grow York began!  Read More on Stretch-n-Grow in York.
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