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The idea of a Franchise appealed to me because it felt safer, it felt supported, it felt I would already be part of something successful and big. happy baby with ball

I’ve never looked back, the office environment feels a life time ago and the sense of achievement you get from owning your own business is huge. Like anything of course there are highs, lows, pros and cons but ultimately the success of Stretch-n-Grow York is what I make it and that’s what I like.

The best thing about becoming a Franchisee is how it has enabled me to improve family life and allowed me to have more precious time with my children whilst they’re young. Heidi loves to help me and join in with routines and becoming my mini coach at nursery fun days.

There is nothing more fulfilling when you turn up to work and you’re greeted by big smiles, cheers and hugs because the children have missed you since the last session. When you ask ‘’what muscles are we using in our arms’’ and a loud reply of ‘’biceps and triceps’’ you know these under 5’s are learning and understanding. When parents tell you how their child talks about Stretch-n-Grow all the time and makes the whole family act out the routine or inform me that I make their job easy as parents because their child already knows what’s inside their body, healthy eating and taking care of themselves through Stretch-n-Grow. Parents googling muscles to make sure their child is correct as they point to their Gluteus Maximus (always makes me smile and feel proud).

The opportunity to work with many of our early year’s providers in the area is also amazing and I love being a part of their settings working alongside them, enhancing and supporting the fabulous services in childcare they provide. Recently, I was told by a nursery owner that I and Stretch-n-Grow were an integral part of that nursery from all aspects and always will be. To hear that you can’t help but beam with pride and satisfaction that I’m getting it right!

What can I say….I totally love and enjoy my job, I feel content and I no longer have that niggle!!

The power of our handouts…

One last thing to share before I go; a parent from one of my fabulous nurseries thanked me for teaching her child what to do if herself or someone else caught fire. ‘Daddy was cooking in the kitchen and managed to set fire to his shirt sleeve (it wasn’t quite as bad as it sounds and he had it under control) however they were so impressed that their 4 year old daughter shouted ‘’Daddy stop, drop on the floor and roll, it will put the fire out’’ and proceeded to show him what to do’. That month we had been discussing the dangers of fire and how to avoid accidents with fire, how to deal with a burn and the amazing ‘’STOP, DROP and ROLL’’ rule, where we had practiced log rolls in class. Her parents thought it was fabulous and potentially lifesaving! Another, proud moment from one of my SnG Stars and a sense of achievement for me. It doesn’t get much better than that.



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