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Child development research states that if a child has not mastered certain fundamental motor skills by the age of five experts say they may never realise their real potential to perform them.

What is Stretch-n-Grow?

A specially designed holistic health and fitness programme for children from the age of 12 months to 7 years in the form of a weekly class. conducted by a fully trained Stretch-n-Grow instructor. The programme comprises of a three-year curriculum endorsed by fitness and child development experts. Take a look at our different classes   Our Classes are Designed With Children In Mind!

Where does Stretch-n-Grow operate?

87.5% of nurseries surveyed understand that exercise and movement is important for children and know that Stretch-n-Grow deliver this is a safe and structured manner. This was an example of their main reason for having Stretch-n-Grow classes. 97.9% of nurseries surveyed believe that children who attend our classes develop a basic awareness of their bodies

We bring the programme to you!

Our classes are conducted in childcare facilities such as Primary Schools, Nurseries, Montessori Schools, Crèches, Playgroups, Pre-schools and Children’s Centres.   The children, particularly very little ones, are in a secure and familiar atmosphere thus enabling them to approach the programme with a certain amount of confidence. Are you interested in setting up a class? Contact us  Stretch-n-Grow can be found in : Australia · Canada · European Union · Guatemala · Hong Kong ·India · India ·  Ireland · Kenya · New Zealand · Philippines · Portugal · Puerto Rico · Spain · Switzerland ·USA · and the UK.

Why exercise our Children?

We all know too much TV,video and gaming.Too many TV dinners coupled with inactivity …We develop children’s fundamental motor skills, their levels of fitness, their knowledge of their bodies, healthy lifestyles and much much more. This is done through our weekly classes. The themes for our lessons vary,but every month a new lesson is delivered, so the children are never bored! Or waiting in line for our turn! All our lessons are underpinned by the EYFS So If you are looking for a progressive programme with an educational link for your child or early years setting,you have come to the right place.

Our classes are..Fun.Fun,Fun.Fun. Take a Look !


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