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Franchisee’s have choices when it comes to how they work.  Term time only teaching could be one option. This option will obviously have an effect on your turnover. Teaching  classes all year round, using your workforce to cover classes if you want to spend time with your own children is another option. As is perhaps having established the business you then decide to take on a more managerial role. All of these are acceptable whilst complying with minimum classes requirement. Dedicated ‘admin’ days are favoured by most franchisee’s. Regularly communicating with parents teachers and your workforce is positively encouraged.

Franchise with Stretch-n-Grow


Included in the franchise fees of £9600, is the cost of initial equipment for the franchisee launch.


A car is generally required to transport equipment and stock from venue to venue. Although in central London our franchisee’s use the ‘tube’ and all their equipment is transportable, so it is not something we insist upon. Franchisee’s have often used their vehicle as a travelling promotion, having it ‘wrapped’ or with just logos and contact information.

Stretch-n-Grow your business with this mobile promotion.


This will be a combination of going out and networking in schools, nurseries, children’s centres and any other suitable early years setting. Networking with teachers, health workers and parents.

contacting local newspapers and parent publications. Word of mouth and reputation are probably the key ingredients to a good start and success. Parents and teachers all talk to each other and if they are talking about are programme as they often are then, that is what we want  and free it is endorsing what we do.


We deal with the whole subject of taking on and training your work force approx 6 months after you have launched. The reason for this as you have a greater understanding of your commitments, your time constraints etc. At the Coach workshop, we teach you about how to take on train and develop your workforce. The cost of which is included in the initial franchise package

Venue hire:

The majority of our classes run in nursery and schools, however there is generally a small charge if you need to set up classes outside of these environments. Typically a charge maybe from £10-£20

How Much can I earn?

Income: How much can I earn from a franchise You could earn anything between £15,000 and £40,000. This very much depends on your commitment to the business. Income can be derived from many sources, the parents, private day nurseries, Local educational authorities. Additional revenue streams are also available. Regional differences can effect income, some areas may receive government funding .Other funding sources have come from the national lottery and  the NHS .


Franchise fees: Initial Franchise fee £10,000. For a full breakdown of initial costs please contact us

Suggested working capital of £3,000-£4,000  .

Licence fees. A fixed licence fee is payable monthly.


This is an extremely low overheads business. overheads are staff and consumables


For classes you might charge between £3 and £4 per child per session which parents will pay up front at the beginning of a term. Or the nursery or school may be funding the programme from their own budget.


‘There is no direct look a-like competition,’ although there is always competition for children’s time!

Expanding the business:

To make big money you need to adopt a more managerial style approach. Taking on staff to run the day to day business while you manage the workforce and the clients. Buying a second set of equipment, clothing and training your new workforce is  an investment, however this is when you start to have a truly sustainable business.

 Tips for success:

You are part of a world-wide organisation.

You are part of a world-wide organisation.

Do your homework, know your facts, know what you can offer

The focus should be on creating a great service quality classes that children will want to be involved with and making sure they get something out of it.

You have to be a great communicator, being able to communicate at different levels is an asset that will be required to build a successful business

Working from home requires a certain amount of discipline. There is plenty of additional training and support available from our network of franchisees.


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