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Fabulous Forrest School

Wow, I am blown away by a visit to the Kids Adventures Forrest School in Salford this morning. A super setting close to the city with all the benefits of rural life. For a start there was mud in abundance, a mud kitchen, hens in a hen house, outside work stations along with a fire pit and a nice fire that had just been started by head of  Forrest School Hayley.  It was great to see all the children doing the jobs that they they had been allocated. For example collecting the eggs, fetching kindling wood for the fire. They were playing, having a ball, getting dirty laughing and singing, Being outside certainly didn’t effect their appetites as they tucked into cottage pie whilst sat around the fire in a a big circle,               Not to mention parents, with all that fresh air, out in all weathers I bet they sleep well when they get home. Is it giving you ideas? It certainly made me think!, What an appreciation for the outdoors these children will acquire  and what a great way to learn. Stretch-n-Grow classes in forrest school starting soon.   Forrest Schools

A quick photo Just before Stretch-n-Grow class

Hannah teaches the children outdoor skills and about safety when they are near  the fire.

In amongst the trees, not far from the city centre is the location for Kids Adventures Forrest School