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Franchisee Training

New Franchisee induction training 15th-19th December in Knutsford,Cheshire. Places still available,contact Stretch-n-Grow head office for more details. 

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Movement Matters

    82% of nurseries surveyed believe Stretch-n-Grow classes are designed to meet many of the EYFS commitments.

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What better job?

So many thank you’s, hugs, cheers and not to mention smiles and laughter. Not many jobs offer such job satisfaction or appreciation.For more information on coaching opportunities go to our coach pages.

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Coach at 4 ?

Welcome Stretch-n-Grow’s newest recruit. ‘Coach Beth’ The smile says it all. At 4 years Beth has already perfected most of the routines she has been taught. Beth wants to be a Stretch-n-Grow Coach and regularly...

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Aerobic classes for pre-school children

Aerobic classes for pre-school children may sound like the latest fad. But  Annette Rawstrone, Deputy Editor of Nursery World discovered how the sessions are encouraging healthy adults of the future. When three-year-old Amber jokingly poked...

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What the Experts Say

“Stand up tall, abdominals strong!” Renata Martins stands at the front of the class, marching energetically on the spot. In front of her 12 pairs of knees go up and down, not all of...