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Teenagers across the West Midlands are shunning recommendations for five fruit and vegetables a day, new research has found.Those between the ages of 13 and 18 in our region are among the least likely in Britain to consume that amount, according to new figures.

Worryingly, the proportion of 15-year-olds in Walsall who are eating at least five portions of fruit and vegetables a day is just 45 per cent – one of the lowest percentages in England.

The figures also show more than half of teens in other parts of the local area failing to meet the recommendation.

The proportion eating five a day at Sandwell and Dudley at 47 per cent and 48 per cent respectively.



West Midlands teenagers are LEAST likely to eat their five a day

Teenagers in Solihull were the most likely in the local area to eat their five a day, with almost six in 10 doing so.

Birmingham was not far behind, with 54 per cent opting to eat five portions of fruit and veg every day.