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Boris got it wrong again!

We are firm believers in getting our children active. The whole nation needs a good kickstart into activity, especially our children So it is excellent to see this article by Justine Roberts in the Guardian Newspaper

Now we are certainly not going to get into a war of words with Tumble Tots, their programme has been around for some time now and it gets children active, so that’s got to be good! It helps children develop their skills, and helps them meet motor milestone developments. But if Boris wants the best for Boris junior he should consider sending him along to one of our Stretch-n-Grow classes. The Stretch-n-Grow programme is nationwide, it is educational. As well as the children doing exercise they are learning about the importance of exercise, eating healthy foods and much much more. I am not sure if our Prime Minister could manage the pace at one of the classes but it would be Fun to watch! @JustineRoberts would be very welcome too.

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