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Children, 32 Hours a week?

Inactive children

Millions of children are missing out on traditional family lifestyles because they spend 32 HOURS a week in front of a screen Study found youngsters are glued to screens for four hours on school day Parents admitted their kids use technology for a shocking 32 hours a week Experts have warned high usage can ruin children’s communication skills.More than half of the families admitted they allow their children to use technology for a shocking 32 hours a week.

It also revealed that almost three quarters of parents let their youngsters stare at screens for an hour before they set out for school – despite 49 percent admitting it impacts on their concentration.Experts warn that digital distractions are stunting children’s development, stopping them from learning face-to-face communication skills.And the survey, which was carried out by parenting website, discovered many families favour their phones over face-to-face conversations  Read more: