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Children Activity during Lockdown.

One of our long standing clients the owner of a small independent family run business (that turns out the most fantastic children year on year) requested that we taught additional classes on other days for them over this last year of lockdown. This was in order to give more children the opportunity to participate in our classes and especially in light of the fact that children were being less active over lockdown.

From one small business to another the nursery owner, Julia believed in the this extra expenditure and what it would bring to her setting. Having been a client for over 15 years she believes strongly in the ethos of Stretch-n-Grow. Namely creating positive habits early in life, practicing and embedding new and existing skills. Having fun exercising, whilst learning about being healthy and learning about the body!

Most interestingly a theme we started earlier in the year using balls and a lot of hand eye coordination proved a revelation. Week 1 of the new theme was very messy with balls flying everywhere, with little or no control  but plenty of energy and enthusiasm. The 4th week of teaching classes was amazing,  it was so evident to see the progression of the children.

Not only had we seen dramatic improvement in hand eye coordination, we were seeing confident execution of complex skills in challenging situations. The children from the class can now properly throw and catch, bounce and catch and dribble with the ball. The progression was clearly more evident due to the fact we had been teaching on multiple days.

We applaud Julia Rourke and her brilliant team at Noah’s in Handforth for her conviction and commitment.

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Improved ball handling, reaction and hand eye coordination was strongly evident after a month of classes.