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Rio? The Stretch-n-Grow Summer Programme

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Rio bound, let the games begin, ‘they have already started’. Stretch-n-Grow summer programme started the first week in June and is now in full swing. Currently the children are covering every aspect of  The Euros 2016. They are being footballers going trough their pre match warm ups, but they are also the referees and the linesman, so they have plenty to do. Lots of gross motor skills, hand eye coordination with a little bit of bi-lateral movement.This months theme is very active. We are teaching Inside and outside. (Just in case you were suffering from football deprivation).

Then onto July and August, this will see us travel to Rio. Starting with us getting to Rio, the journey to Rio… Then when we finally arrive we will be covering some of the major Olympic disciplines (In an age appropriate way). Fun guaranteed with certificates for everyone that participates. Faster, Higher, Stronger, Fitter? Have a great Summer

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