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Sugar content of fizzy drink

Sugar content of fizzy drink listed in Liverpool as city bids to cut child tooth decay.

Fizzy drinks will be named and shamed in Liverpool as part of the country’s first council campaign against sugary drinks manufacturers.

A high-profile profile campaign entitled “Is your child’s sweet tooth harming their health?” will outline how many sugar cubes are in drinks such as Lucozade, Coca-Cola, Tropicana, Capri-Sun and Ribena.

Around 2,000 children in Liverpool will have had tooth extractions by the age of five and more than a third will have suffered from tooth decay, say health chiefs.

While a 14-year-old child recently needed 15 adult teeth removing, added Public Health Liverpool.

The problem with tooth decay in Liverpool isn’t only confined to younger children and we are increasingly seeing children aged between 12 and 16 at the Dental Hospital. Sondos Albadri.