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The power of our handouts…

A parent from one of my fabulous nurseries thanked me for teaching her child what to do if herself or someone else caught fire. ‘Daddy was cooking in the kitchen and managed to set fire to his shirt sleeve (it wasn’t quite as bad as it sounds and he had it under control) however they were so impressed that their 4 year old daughter shouted ‘’Daddy stop, drop on the floor and roll, it will put the fire out’’ and proceeded to show him what to do’. That month we had been discussing the dangers of fire and how to avoid accidents with fire, how to deal with a burn and the amazing ‘’STOP, DROP and ROLL’’ rule, where we had practiced log rolls in class. Her parents thought it was fabulous and potentially lifesaving! Another, proud moment from one of my SnG Stars and a sense of achievement for me. It doesn’t get much better than that. Sarah Stower, Stretch-n-Grow York.