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Physical Adventures without leaving the living room!

Pre School Exercise

Stretch-n-Grow Altrincham is doing its bit to keep the youngest members of their community happy and healthy throughout the lockdown with free virtual fitness classes. 

Stretch-n-Grow provides “Physical Education with Imagination”; blending exercise into themed adventures which appeal to the under 7’s.

Stretch-n-Grow Altrincham, established 12 years ago is usually teaching up to 1000 young children per week in schools and nurseries.

“We are missing our little stars so much during the lockdown”, explained Kathy Hughes, business owner. “From a physical development point of view, it is important that young children get at least 3  hours of physical activity a day; some of it structured. We wanted to come up with a way to keep them exercising and active even though we can’t physically be with them. Also, we all know, exercise is a great mental health boost. Our little stars know that exercise is fun and makes us happy!”

“We are posting daily exercise videos and other physical activities every day on our Facebook page: StretchnGrowAltrincham. We also feature links to our national and international YouTube channels where you can find exercises and recipes from around the world. However, I have found that the videos from our own team of coaches have proved the most popular. I think the children are enjoying seeing a familiar face in these confusing times”.

Many of the nurseries and schools Stretch-n-Grow visit each week are still open in order to look after the children of Key Workers.  In recognition of this, Stretch-n-Grow Altrincham are providing special free weekly online classes for them and their families in a scheduled time agreed with each setting.

They have also started a free weekly live class on a Friday at 10.00 which anyone can join in with. Last week they had a superhero adventure and over 100 families participated.  Next Friday (24th April), children can come along on a pirate adventure – parents and carers should check the page the day before to discover which props are needed (always items from around the home).

With Stretch-n-Grow Altrincham’s “exer-citing” online classes, families can keep fit and have an adventure without leaving their front room!

Visit facebook for more information.

If your school or nursery is open for key workers and you would like a free Stretch-n-Grow class, please email

Note for Editors: A bit more information about Stretch-n-Grow.

Stretch-n-Grow is the World’s Leading Health & Fitness Programme for young children, established in the U.S. in 1992.

 The Altrincham franchise, run by Kathy Hughes started 12 years ago. 

The Stretch-n-Grow Programme, taught in many local schools and nurseries covers fundamental physical skills and links closely to the Early Years Foundation.