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Mindulness in Children

Teaching and Integrating mindfulness into our pre-school children’s exercise classes is not easy! Because we are normally rushing and doing many tasks quickly as part of our workout. So it is the exact opposite! Mindfulness however is slowing down the class and paying full attention to a discussion topic for example. But each week in our classes we have “Discussion time” so this provides a perfect opportunity for some mindfulness. We discuss a different topic. During this period, we will take our time to really notice what we are doing. We can then discuss in a relaxed, focused, calm way, perhaps referring to the rhythm of our breathing.

What does mindfulness mean to children? So yes, normally in class of course we always talk about being kind! February’s routine is “Kindness Rocks” We will talk about being kind to each other, sharing and working as a team and other things like feelings and helping out. We keep it simple and we don’t force it! For some extra information Take a look at our Facebook