Hughes2Stretch-n-Grow Altrincham began in 2008.

I first heard about Stretch-n-Grow from my then three-year-old son. He came home from nursery one day enthusing about a new exercise class he had taken part in where he had balanced a bean bag on his head, done a lot of jumping and learnt the names for his muscles. “It’s brilliant Mummy!” So I had to find out more!

When I purchased my first franchise, he and his sister became fully-fledged Stretch-n-Grow Stars and have helped me over the years in practicing and giving me feedback about any new routines!

Building Happy Healthy Hearts.

Building Happy Healthy Hearts.

In Stretch-n-Grow Altrincham we have a team of four (soon to be five) and we teach over 1,000 children a week that exercise is fun and that healthy food gives us energy. So we are busy keeping 2,000 little legs jumping and 1,000 little hearts beating fast.

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