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Buy children’s toothpaste for your kids?

Here’s why you really shouldn’t. Children’s toothpaste is more expensive, and potentially more dangerous, than adult brands.

IF you buy children’s toothpaste, you may well be washing your money down the plughole.

An investigation by The Times has proven that parents are being ripped off by expensive brands of children’s toothpaste.

The paper claims that toothpaste marketed at children is often double the price of regular toothpaste, despite being no safer for kids.

 Many parents opt for more expensive children’s toothpaste because they assume it contains less fluoride, and is therefore safer for their children.

But The Times found that Colgate Kids 4-6 and 6+ ranges, as well as Aquafresh’s Little Teeth and My Big Teeth ranges have just as much fluoride as adult toothpaste – despite being sold for as much as three times the price.

It was also found that the average 100ml tube of standard toothpaste at the big 5 supermarkets costs around £1.20, but the average price for the same amount of children’s toothpaste is twice as much at £1.40. More