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New Brand Makeover.

Stretch-n-Grow relaunch has started with a brand makeover for 2020. The new relaunch is conducted in line with our parent company in the U.S. Whilst our support and knowledge as Stretch-n-Grow will be behind all our classes. Stretch-n-Grow classes (as known) will now be called Fitness Stars. “We are really excited to be adding new programmes such as Yoga Stars, Dance Stars, Gym Stars, All Star Sports and Music” says Stretch-n-Grows Tanya Davie. “Having started in 2002 having a relaunch now is fresh and exciting!” Please check your local franchise to see what additional programmes are available. click Here to view

Fun Fitness and Education will continue to underpin all our NEW classes. We are currently building a parents portal. Whereby parents can view classes that are available and enroll their children directly. This should be completed by the summer 2020. We hope you are excited about these changes any questions please let us know. We look forward to seeing you at class again soon. Please continue to follow us on Facebook and our site