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Sugar Consumption in Brighton & Hove

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Brighton & Hove taking measures to curb sugar overconsumption

Brighton and Hove is aiming to become the first UK city to tackle the harm caused by overconsumption of sugar.

Eateries will be called on to introduce a voluntary tax on all soft drinks with added sugar, with the proceeds put into a children’s health and food education fund.

Other aims which have been backed by celebrity chef Jamie Oliver include bringing in food education programmes to every primary school.

Steps have also been taken for healthy options to be made available in vending machines in local authority and health care buildings in the city.

Diet-related diseases in Brighton and Hove are costing the NHS £80 million a year. More than 300 children were admitted to hospital for teeth extraction in 2012-2013.

Tom Scanlon, the city’s director of public health, said: “Over the years sugar has been creeping into our diet, sometimes in ways we don’t even suspect  More