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Back to school… time to get fit!

Kids getting fit

Are your children addicted to TV or computer games? Do they rarely stir from the sofa? Are they getting enough exercise? With the children back at school this week, it’s the perfect time for them to get fitter.

According to the NHS, young people (5 to 18) need to regularly participate in physical activity to stay healthy. It recommends at least 60 minutes of physical activity per day, from moderate exercise (cycling and playground activities) to vigorous activities (running and tennis). It also suggests muscle and bone strengthening exercises – push-ups and jumping – three times a week.

The benefits are clear. The NHS says that exercise improves cardiovascular health, bone health and self-confidence, and maintains a healthy weight.

British Heart Foundation researchers have also found that physical activity and sport has a positive impact on children’s social skills and self-esteem, with increased confidence, peer acceptance and a link to friendship.

And, amid news from the Children’s Society that children in England are among the unhappiest in the world, the Youth Sport Trust has flagged up the vital role that physical activity can have on enhancing emotional wellbeing.

Archant – the publishers of the Exmouth Journal and Herald, the Sidmouth Herald and Midweek Herald – has joined forces with LED Leisure to encourage children to start exercising and get fitter.  More