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Obesity, Behind The Headlines.

BMI categories may need adjusting, argue researchers

Being overweight may not be as unhealthy as it was 40 years ago,” BBC News reports. New research has found a body mass index (BMI) of 27 is linked to the lowest rate of death – but someone with a BMI of 27 is currently classed as being overweight… More

Being Procative about obesity

Can you really ‘catch’ obesity? “Obesity could be contagious like superbug C diff, suggest scientists,” The Daily Telegraph reports. This rather alarming headline follows a study that explored characteristics of bacteria living in the human gut.The study did not, however, look at any link to obesity. There’s no reason to think that you can “catch” obesity from spending time with people who are overweight. More

Procative Stretch-n-Grow

Global obesity rates expected to soar in next decade.”One-fifth of adults worldwide will be obese by 2025,” The Guardian reports, while The Sun warns that the “UK’s population to be fattest in Europe” by the same date. These are just some of the conclusions of a major…More


High- flavonoid foods, like berries and apples, ‘prevent weight gain’.”Get fruity to get fit: Eat more berries to beat a big belly,” The Sun reports. The advice is based on the findings of a major new study looking at the effects of foods rich in the compound flavonoid, such as berries and apples, on body weight…More

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